浙江十一选五遗漏期数 www.zvzoc.com 日期:2013-12-26 Welcome to Pleasant Bluff Caki Wilkinson It's not unpleasant here. The chicken plants and car plants grow like plants. Here, all the sames are different, though a hell-bent countenance(支持,贊同) persists in yards still plugging past elections an... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-12-26 Landlocked Alan Feldman What am I doing, trudging around Natick, Massachusetts, so archetypal(原型的) in its split-level, clapboard(護墻板) ordinariness, one house after another like a crowd gathered haphazardly at an accident site? And why expl... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-12-26 Caritas Rachael Boast These stones speak a level language murmured word by word, a speech pocked and porous(能滲透的) with loss, and the slow hungers of weathering. And there, in the broken choir, children are all raised voice, loving the play of... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-12-26 Double Floor Kay Ryan The dual pupiled frog eye can scan for food and trouble above and below the water at once. Many forms of doubleness serve local purposes lulling(使平靜) us to the essential focal baffling inherent in experience how the splits... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-12-19 Hunger Patricia Fargnoli It is the gnawing(令人痛苦的) within the silence of the deep body which is like the pool a waterfall replenishes(補充,裝滿) but can never fill. The watery room of the body and its voices who call and call wanting someth... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-12-19 Collateral Damage U. A. Fanthorpe The minor diplomat who brings terms for a ceasefire Enters through a side-door, in the small hours, Wearing a belted raincoat. The children have become bold. At the first siren They cried, and ran for their mothers.... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-12-19 Clothes in the Closet Martha Ronk Limp as dishcloths(抹布) , they hang, useless in the backs of closets -- jackets or dresses or shifts worn in years gone by. You might, you once thought, wear them again: that fashion might return, you might gain... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-12-19 Muscle of difficulty Alice Major November's clench. A sullen(慍怒的) band of cloud is louring in the West -- a low forehead, a corrugated(波紋的) frown. Behind it comes the cold drop of frost and autumn's first hard night. Corrugator -- the tigh... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-12-19 To Winter Rebecca Dunham You are catch-less, you are my abandonment You are my very own sweet crone(老母羊) . Timeless slab of ice and raw scrub, you empty me to pitted fruit-stone, a sacrifice To the green, green moon. You stiffen, sexless as the... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-12-19 Fire Sermon Robert Gray The lissome(柔軟的) bay is silvered slightly, in its supine lightness; a stocking-textured water takes the morning's cerise(櫻桃色) . But soon, between the headlands, sea and sky are solid blues that have closed, almost s... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-12-19 Demeter Speaks After a Long Silence Rosemary Catacalos Who are you, gardener? You dig deeply into me, into the dark home of the old woman who is a childless worm, an imperfect memory of grace. She recollects everything when you touch her, grows wing... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-12-19 Epic Ange Mlinko It's you I'd like to see Greece again with You I'd like to take to bed of cyclamen You know I nurse a certain myth about myself that I descend(下降) de tribus d'origine asiatique and am part Thracian or Macedonian cleaving to a He... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-12-19 In Bloom, Where the Meadow Rises Nathaniel Perry Do you remember when the sky burned down its wick of light as an April cold came on the evening of your fifth day in the world? Of course you don't, you couldn't even hold your head up yet, much less... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-12-19 A History of Mourning Robert Bly It's odd that evening is so speckled(點綴) with grief. Birds start singing when the branch reddens. But we write our poems when the sun goes down. Our ancestors knew how to cry at death; but they Had enough to do f... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-11-07 Polaroid Andrew Elliott I once got talking to a girl on a bus. Her father had worked for the US Air Force. She said it had been to do with black shit and stuff. We had both of us boarded at Corpus Christi. I had noticed her hair, it was like my own.... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-11-07 Hypothesis, Proof Amy Dryansky A week of nonnegotiable fantasy, days of unmovable image -- in a locked room, against a door, in front of the window. I, of course, am wearing a skirt, stockings holding onto my thighs. You look and then look down. You... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-11-07 Thistles Austin Smith My father would wake early and calmly go about the business of giving himself cancer. Red, the color itself, sloshing(晃動) in the tank behind him, he'd drive the fencerows all morning, spraying thistles. I've always loved th... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-11-07 Note Angie Estes They wrote to say they'd found my mother wondering in the garage -- like entering the ethereal(天上的) sphere, I thought: drawing near to its desire, so deeply is our intellect immersed(專注) that memory cannot follow after it,... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-11-07 Five Tankas Harryette Mullen Walking along the green path with buds in my ears, too engrossed in(埋頭于,熱衷于) the morning news to listen to the stillness of the garden. Don't need picket fences(尖樁籬柵) , brick wall, or razor wire. Our home'... 閱讀全文>>

日期:2013-11-07 Breathless David Kirby Jean-Paul Belmondo, I'm thinking of you tonight because I saw you walking down the Boulevard St. Germain just this afternoon with a young woman, and not a starlet(小星星) , either, but a nurse, and you were using a cane, yet... 閱讀全文>>

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